Jan 20, 2021
New lead recording added, using a Blue Yeti Nano mike, which seems to give considerably better results than the previous equipment (current computer is also much quieter),
Dec 19, 2011
Some refurbishments, with a new video sample, and old samples relegated to an 'older samples' page.
April 6. 2010
Sound and translation video added
March 11, 2009
July 29, 2004
Some new links added to Links and Bibliography
Aug 5. 2002
Danek and Hagel have some new stuff on their site (some Aeschylus and some Plato).
July 22, 2002
Some more stuff in the learning section, including a bit of information about how I came up with this technique in the first place, and some small changes to wording in pitch.
July 18, 2002
Still refurbishing, fixed an error in the catathesis discussion of pitch detected by Christopher Game. Also some changes to the discussion of anathesis.
July 8, 2002
Doing assorted refurbishments and updates. Added so far is a (very) Short Bibliography (soon to be further extended). and changed are:

The last time I messed around with joining Yahoo groups, etc, I found it more straightforward, so people who have given up in despair on previous attempts to join the discussion group might want to give it another go. Otherwise it's time to try one of the other public board systems, although Yahoo really does have better facilities, once you overcome the obstacles to accessing it.

Jan 3, 2002
Added a new sample (Odysseus' questions to his mother, and her answers), and a new version of Penelope's whinge, done with a new and better microphone.

And, if anybody wants to sign up for the attempted yahoo message board but has been defeated by Yahoo's tortured and incomprehensible identity-and-email-address scheme, they should send me their email address & if there's enough response I'll try something different.

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