Avery D Andrews (retired Senior Lecturer)
School of Literatures, Languages and Linguistics
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  • Prenominal Possessive in English: What does the Stimulus Look like. Looking at the CHILDES corpus to see how frequent the things relevant to the acquisition of complex and recursive possessives are. Some of of the materials.
  • Propositional Glue Semantics is Fully Variable-Free (Dec 2016). Shows that the propositional glue system proposed by Andrews (2010) is equivalent to a free SMCC over the basic types, which is a subcategory of the free CCC over those types, and therefore truly variable-free in the sense of Jacobson (1999), in spite of the practical utility of variables in doing glue-semantics. A likely side-effect is that Chomsky's Merge idea is less original than it initially appears to be.


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