I have found Python and Amzi! Prolog to be quite useful, and it occurred to me that they would be even more useful if they could be linked together smoothly, so that power of Python would let you call Prolog without the usual gack!! factor of conventional Prolog-other language interfaces, and Prolog could easily get at the facilities of Python libraries such as re. Thus the AmziPy project.

So for example code like this will list the paternity relationships in a kinship database:

  import AmziProlog

  eng = AmziProlog.AmziEngine('parents')

  for answer in eng.calls('father(X,avery)'):
      print 'Avery is the father of %s'%answer[1]
Queries can be built up from things previously supplied by Prolog, as well as presented a strings, etc.

It's very new and quite raw and incomplete, but has already already useful to me.

Created by: Avery Andrews
Maintained by: Avery Andrews
Last modified: 17 Oct 2002